RATES as they fluctuate are determined by the ‘Bond Yield’

General Denise Dunkley 6 Apr

The rate of return on your bond, can be read through a yield curve, If the increase in bond yield continues to go up, the spread will continue to shrink and this could be a trigger for interest rates to rise. Currently lenders are looking for a spread between 1.35 and 1.55

Canadian 5 yr bond yields markets +.04bps to 2.80. The spread (based on 5 yr published rate of 4.39%); now has lots of room above the comfort zone at 1.59

Source: http://www.tmxmoney.com/HttpController?GetPage=BondsAndRates&Language=en


In the last year, the Canadian economy has created 322,000 jobs and has rebounded nicely from the 2008-2009 recession that battered the country’s manufacturing sector.

In some sectors of the economy, price pressures have been building, raising the prospect of higher interest rates down the road to fight inflationary pressures.

The next scheduled announcement on interest rates from the Bank of Canada is April 12, although the central bank isn’t expected to change its policy rate at that time from the current one per cent. Another announcement is scheduled for May 31, after the federal election.

Most economists believe Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney will leave a hike on the sidelines until July http://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/Canada-middle-growth-spurt-capress-340380811.html?x=0